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The Jog

I often went jogging. For me it was something that I could do where I could be free. I could go wherever I liked and not worry about the time. It was also really good for me and that helped to motivate me as well.

When I returned I always felt energised and ready to take on anything. I didn't always want to go... Click to Read More

The Caretaker

He had not worked at the girls school for that long but was really enjoying being around young ladies all of the time. He had been employed as a maintenance man and he had the free reign of the school so he could go anywhere and do anything at any time. He was often repairing desks and chairs, carrying heavy... Click to Read More

The Park

I decided that it was a great day to take my daughters to the park. They are probably getting a little too old for it really, but they still enjoy it and as they are old enough to be responsible for themselves it means that I can have a nice walk and then perhaps take a book to read or just have some time alone with... Click to Read More

The Horse Ride

Horse riding was something that I had always liked from when I was a young girl. There was something about being out in the fresh air, the freedom of going wherever you like which I really liked. I became pretty good at riding and had my own horse for a while and used to take it out daily. As I grew older I... Click to Read More

The Zoo

Visiting the zoo was not something that I had done since I was a child. My boyfriend suggested that we go and I thought that it was an interesting idea. I always found it rather exciting and liked watching the animals, especially the monkeys. We decided that we would go on a day when it would be nice and quiet. A... Click to Read More

The Theatre

I had a great new boyfriend who was a bit posh. I really loved the way he showered me with gifts but it was not his money that I was attracted to, it was him. He was a very nice person and I loved the way that he looked after me and did not seem to be after just one thing like most of the boys that I had been with... Click to Read More

The Bar Job

As a student I was always looking for bits of work to help me pay the rent. I already had a supermarket job but I wanted some more money to help me to pay for some more books. I was always scanning the papers and I came across a rather odd looking bar job. I decided to apply anyway, as I knew I could do it and I... Click to Read More

The Pool

My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to a pool party at a very smart house that belonged to a work colleague. It was a great opportunity for the partners to meet each other, for a bit of work networking and generally to have some fun. The party was for a whole weekend, so we were going to get to stay in... Click to Read More

The Night Bus

Travelling from the south of England to Glasgow in Scotland seemed like rather an expensive journey by train. I did not have much money but was travelling up there for an audition and it could mean great things for me and my acting career and so I decided to go for it. As the train was way beyond my means, I was... Click to Read More

The Estate Agent

People always assumed that being an estate agent was a very easy job, all getting to look around peoples houses, making over the top descriptions to try to sell them for the maximum price and waiting for the commission to roll in. Years ago it was like that, well pretty much anyway but in the current economic... Click to Read More

Watching Hard

I had crawled into my bed along time before I heard Kevin switch on the shower. He took a while, but when he came back he was still naked and I got a really good look at his body. His cock was swollen and red, as if he’d been wanking in the shower. I was struck by the size of his prick; it wasn’t erect, just... Click to Read More

Nightly Hobby

I waited outside the window, keeping my eyes trained through the hole in the shade. The door opened to the bedroom, they walked in, and he closed and locked the door behind them. In a matter of seconds, the two of them were stripped naked. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his dick. She started... Click to Read More